Who We Are?

insuredigest is a digital publication by INSURETALK focusing primarily on creating awareness within the insurance and risk management industries. Our contributors are senior insurance industry executives and innovators. Our audience relies on our trusted, curated content from industry-leading experts under the care of our dedicated team.

What Do We Do?

Through our insuredigest newsletter, website, and other digital offerings, INSURETALK works with industry-leading experts to explore a wide variety of topics to create unique, effective content that is relevant to our network, business leaders, and risk and insurance industries. Our mission is to position our readers to be smarter about the drivers transforming the insurance industry and to connect them in ways that lead to innovation and strategic advantage.

Why Partner with INSURETALK?

With a reputation as an insurance innovation authority, we have developed an engaged audience of senior insurance industry executives and innovators from around the world who rely on us to inform them on meaningful trends and opportunities shaping the insurance industry.

How to Partner with INSURETALK?

INSURETALK is a platform for thought leaders in the insurance and risk management industries. Partner with INSURETALK to create expert thought leadership content and promote it to our expert audience. You can partner with us through:

insuredigest NEWSLETTER helps our clients:

  • Align your brand with a reputable and trusted source of thought leadership.
  • Develop and distribute high-impact, meaningful, and engaging thought leadership content by using our editorial team’s insights and 20+ years of industry experience.
  • Drive brand awareness across a wide variety of channels to an insurance-centric audience.
  • Highlight executives’ knowledge and thought leadership content, further positioning your organization’s leaders as experts in a particular topic.
  • Generate high quality leads by connecting with decision makers, senior executives, and industry leaders who are actively engaged in your subject matter.