Treat insurance with respect by enrolling into the study options that are now available at professional institutions or universities. The fact that I have been able to attain Fellowship membership of the Insurance Institute of South Africa is among one of my most treasured achievements. You can also do it and,
even better. There is no doubt as has been said over millennia that experience is the best teacher, but it is equally true that standing alone it is not enough as someone wisely observed that you never really
graduate from it. But experience combined with certiable dedicated learnings is invaluable and throw into the mix a good attitude and respect for your fellow men or women you will certainly always have a winning formula.

Central Bank of Lesotho encounters cyber attacks…..

In the past 3 days Lesotho’s financial regulatory Central Bank of Lesotho has announced challenges of cyber attacks which have

What is an eSIM

eSIM is a new technology that is becoming more popular because of its convenience, and this is a new service that you can get in Lesotho through Econet without changing your physical sim card number (more especially if you are visiting from outside the country).

Conversation with Mukuru Lesotho Country Manager, Maleseli Mohapinyane on:Mukuru Instant Money transfers into SA Bank Accounts

“Convenience is the key feature of instant money transfers. So, no delays, no queues, and no additional fees. It is an innovative solution as there are no instant international transfers currently available directly into bank accounts.”

Corporate Challenge 2023

On the 13th October 2023 Maseru was buzzing with joy ahead of the Black Mix greatest team building event –

Empowering Women on the Road: The Vital Role of All For Her Motor Insurance

In a world where women continue to face numerous challenges, the introduction of a specialized car insurance product tailored explicitly

Filing a successful insurance claim….

Filing a successful insurance claim involves a series of steps and careful attention to detail. Whether you are filing a

Mukuru Instant Money transfers into SA Bank Accounts

Did you know that you can instantly send money to any bank account in South Africa? Yes, this is possible.

Elevating Business Success through Exceptional Client Experience

In today’s competitive business landscape, the key differentiator that sets companies apart is no longer solely their products or services;

Sooliman to top the programme at AIE 2023; CPD announced

Sooliman to top the programme at AIE 2023; CPD announced

Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of Gift of the Givers – the largest disaster response non-governmental organisation of African origin on the continent – will deliver the keynote address at this year’s African Insurance Exchange. The conference runs from 24 to 26 July at Sun City and online.