Mukuru Instant Money transfers into SA Bank Accounts

Did you know that you can instantly send money to any bank account in South Africa?

Yes, this is possible. With Mukuru, you can now make Instant Money Transfers to any bank accounts in South Africa. Over the years Basotho could only receive money via mobile money transfers from other countries, but it was difficult for them to send out. Initially, Basotho could send money to other countries via Mukuru. Right now they can do instant deposits into SA bank accounts at an affordable yet convenient manner.

All that one will need to note is to have details such as banking details, address and ID number of the person you are sending funds to.

Most Mukuru’s products are launched in South Africa as this is their largest market and from there, they adapt their technology and grow their products in the markets where they are most suited to meeting the needs of their customers.

Mukuru is a leading next generation financial services platform in Southern Africa that offers affordable and reliable financial services to a customer base of over 13 million across Africa, Asia, and Europe. Established in 2004, we started as a money transfer business for Africans in the diaspora, as sending money back to families at home has, for decades, been expensive, unreliable, and time-consuming.

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