Corporate Challenge 2023

On the 13th October 2023 Maseru was buzzing with joy ahead of the Black Mix greatest team building event – Corporate Challenge. Most of the participants embraced the pre-obstacle nerves and they got on the mud as the team and finished as a team.

Team Building Activities are great way to enhance collaboration and communication among team members. And this ‘obstacle course’ was the most exceptional way with corporates from different spheres of services flocked at Maseru Mall for this great event of the year for all corporates.

From my observation this event achieved the following through the obstacle course;

Collaborative Challenges: All team members were required to work together, such as carrying a ball through a series of obstacles without dropping it, or navigating a maze blindfolded with the help of teammates’ guidance.

Trust-Building Exercises: Carrying a team member in a tire with the support of the other team members ensuring that team member does not fall.

Problem-Solving Stations: There were riddles, or brainteasers that teams had to solve together before advancing to the next obstacle.

Physical Challenges: Physical challenges like wall climbing, rope courses and tire runs to encourage teamwork and boost team members’ confidence were included.

Time-Based Challenges: The entire obstacle course was timed and though this was not a competition there were gifts awarded to those that finished earlier. The timing encouraged teams to strategize and prioritize tasks effectively.

Some participants shared their experience as: “Epic as always.”; “It was transcendent. At some point I forgot my body.”

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